I’d been thinking about having another puppy in the house for quite a while and had been casually searching the internet for cocker spaniel puppies.  It’s become habit, some people buy shoes or bags, I look for cocker spaniels!

I’m afraid it’s got to be a cocker spaniel for me.  I grew up with labradors in my younger years and always thought I would carry on the tradition.  Both my brothers have gone down the labrador route, both have chocolate brown boys.  But in 1995 I was swayed by a photograph in the local paper of a beautiful little cocker spaniel girl and that was it.  Her name was Tilly and she was the start of my passion.

I have to admit I am completely dog mad to the point where my children despair.  Any outing is built around not leaving the dogs on their own too long, or finding a long suffering friend, family member or paid help to keep an eye on them for me.

The house is generally covered in dog hair, the sofas are scratched (we had to choose leather as fabric just wouldn’t hold up).  I haven’t bothered to repair the chewed hole in the radiator cover or the chew marks in the skirtings from my last puppy because I knew there’d be another at some point.  Don’t they say a worn home is a loved home – or is just a worn home belongs to a dog owner?

Peggy is my 5 year old cocker spaniel.  To say she is the apple of my eye is an understatement.  I have written children’s books about her.  If you’d like to know more about that, please take a look at

But back to puppies… so I was thinking about getting another puppy and looking at my two Cockers,  Peggy & Honey, who is the most adorable Orange Roan, and thought why would I want someone else’s puppy when I could have one of my own? Or even two more of my own……?

And that was that.  The decision was made and the long road of tests, searching for a stud and waiting for Peggy to come into season rolled out before me.  I hadn’t done this before and was adamant that I would do it properly. This blog is my diary on what I’ve discovered about breeding Cocker Spaniels, the ups and downs, and I’m hoping it will be a useful source of information for anyone else wanting to do the same.

Next Blog:  Tests, tests and more tests.

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