The Deed!

Yesterday Peggy met with her boyfriend, Stan, for the first time.  We left at 9am and drove 1.5 hours and arrived at about 10.30am.  Chris from Powerscourt Cockers, Stan’s owner, was lovely.  She came out to meet us and took Peggy and I into her study.  Stan was there in a cage sitting very quietly.  He is a lovely Blue Roan, very handsome with a lovely personality.

Chris let Peggy have a good roam around to get used to her surroundings, straight away Peg jumped up on the sofa and sat next to me.  Once Peg was settled, Chris let Stan out.  He came over for a cuddle and had a good sniff where Peggy had been wandering around.

Chris then took a look at Peggy’s bottom to see if she was ready.  Peggy didn’t like that at all and I felt a little upset as she cried whilst Chris was doing it.  Apparently Peg’s bits were soft but still a little hard in places…..! After that Peggy wouldn’t leave me alone, she just sat right next to me, refusing to stand up.  (Can’t say I blame her).  I offered to leave the room as, to be honest, I didn’t really want to see what was to come and thought it would upset me even more if Peggy wasn’t keen.

Chris’ husband came in to help and showed me to their sitting room.  I sat down, half expecting to hear howling and crying from the room next door, but literally within 5 minutes Chris’ husband came back and asked me to come in, saying it was all done and they were now tied.

I’d never witnessed dogs mating before and to walk into a room to see my dog literally ‘tied’ to another was really odd.  Peggy and Stan were attached bottom to bottom. Wherever Peg went poor Stan had to go too.  They were both absolutely fine, in fact Peg lay down and went to sleep with Stan still attached!

A little snooze after such a long day!

Some 35 minutes later Peg’s muscles relaxed and Stan was released and that was that!Chris suggested I go back 3 days later to repeat the whole thing just to make sure and advised me that there would only be an 80% chance of Peggy getting pregnant.

Chris then printed out a contract of mating, a copy of Stan’s pedigree and a form to register the litter with the Kennel Club. I also received a receipt for the £450 which is what the mating cost.

I’d like to thank Chris for making the whole process as comfortable as possible for both me and Peggy.  Chris did everything she could to make us feel at ease.

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