My Own Kennel Name!

As I want to breed Cocker Spaniels, I decided it would be a good idea to apply for a Kennel name so I can begin to build a reputation amongst other breeders and dog lovers.  I also think it’s a sense of pride to see my Kennel name on a dog’s pedigree.  I can, hand on heart, say that I helped bring that dog into the world and gave it the best start possible.

You can apply for a Kennel name online on the Kennel Club’s website It costs £70 a year.  I applied for the Kennel Name of ‘Peggylicious’ as my children’s books are based on my own dog, Peggy, and it made sense to keep the Peggylicious name for any of her puppies too.

Initially I was disappointed when I was told that I couldn’t have Peggylicious as someone else has already registered Pugalicious and they sounded too similar.

Never one to give up, I appealed and explained why I really wanted Peggylicious as my Kennel name and emailed over copies of my book and an explanation.  This week I received an email saying that my appeal had been upheld and that I could continue to register under the name Peggylicious!  I have to wait thought for this to be listed in the ‘Kennel Gazette’ which comes out in June and if there are any objections I may have to think again, so fingers crossed!

Next blog:  Becoming an Assured Breeder

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