Test Results are Back!

Good news! I’ve now received the results from Antagene and Optigen.  Peggy is clear of FN and is a carrier of prcd-PRA, but not affected.  That means that as long as she is mated with a dog that’s clear of both these then her puppies will all be fine.  They will all be clear of FN and at worst a carrier for prcd-PRA.  As Peggy’s test for Primary Glaucoma was clear, her puppies should not contract that either.

My other Cocker Spaniel, Honey is genetically clear of FN and prca-PRA and as she also pass her eye tests, both dogs are in perfect health!

2 responses

  1. You do understand that Glaucoma isn’t hereditary, therefore you can not say the pups will not contract that disease!

    • The BVA/KC/International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) Eye Scheme offers breeders the possibility of eye testing to screen for inherited eye disease in certain breeds. By screening breeding stock for these diseases, breeders can use the information to eliminate or reduce the frequency of eye disease being passed on to puppies.Primary glaucoma is a hereditary disease that affects Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Samoyeds, and other breeds. Secondary glaucoma is a consequence of some other disease, such as ocular inflammation, lens dislocation, intraocular tumors, or trauma and so yes, is not hereditary.

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