The Scan

A picture of Peggy when she was a puppy.

Well, I’ve had a smile on my face since Wednesday when Peggy had her scan.  I had convinced myself that she wasn’t pregnant.  She hadn’t put on any weight, she was more hungry than usual and wanting to be with me a little more than normal, but there were no outward signs that anything had changed.  I needed to know as I had a number of events lined up (with Peggylicious see and The Cotswold Show (I’m their Marketing & PR Consultant see so I really needed to know for sure what I could plan for.

We turned up at Honeybourne Vets in Cheltenham at 9.30am on Wed.  Actually I was there are 9.15am, not because I was desperate to find out or anything….. and we sat and patiently waited.  Peggy nearly wet herself when a Great Dane the size of my sofa walked in and promptly sat under my chair.  To be fair he was very well behaved, although I did wonder, if he’d taken a liking to the elderly cat sat in a basket on a chair next to us, whether it would have been swallowed in one or two gulps.  I noticed his owner bought two sets of poop bags and again my imagination took me to a place that it probably shouldn’t….. anyway back to Peg.

We were called in and Peggy helpfully sat on the table.  The vet had a good feel and said he just couldn’t tell.  I immediately thought I’d been right all along and that she wasn’t pregnant.  The vet then took her to the room where the ultrasound was and asked me to wait while he ‘hooked’ her up – again not sure what I was going to see when I was called in.

2 minutes later he came back into the room and said “well we’ve definitely got some puppies in there” – well you can imagine, I tried to be contained, but I let out a great yelp of delight and bounded through the door to where my lovely Peg was stood, anxious to get to me but being held by one of the nurses.  The vet showed me two definite black blobs which were puppies, and then showed me some more on the other side.

I thought I could see at least 4, but I’m not sure, the Vet wouldn’t commit to how many other than saying, there’s definitely more than 2.  So now we’ll just have to wait and see.

I am so excited and of course Peggy is being treated with extra care and lots and lots of love.  Don’t worry Honey’s not being forgotten she’s joining in the celebration!

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