2 Weeks To Go

We’ve only got 2 weeks to go now until Peggy is due to have her puppies!  She’s getting bigger now and is absolutely ravenous all the time.  Every time I go into the kitchen she’s sat by my feet looking at me expectantly.  I’ve started to give her smaller portions and give her 4 meals throughout the day which is helping.

She’s become a nightmare on her walks.  It takes twice as long, but not because she’s finding it difficult to walk, but because she spends twice as long as she used to, sniffing every little smell, poking her nose into every clump of grass, refusing to come to me when I call, even for a treat!

We walked up the hill last week and she scared me to death.  She ran off and was lost for half an hour.  She spent the entire wandering off and investigating and not coming back which is so unlike her.  She obviously hormonal! Thanks goodness a young family found her and held on to her until I reached them.

I’ve asked a friend’s husband to make a whelping box which is being delivered in a couple of days.  It’s a special box that’s built to protect the puppies from being suffocated or squashed by the mother when she lies down.  It’s also got high sides that stops them from falling out of the box and getting lost or cold.  I’m getting a bit worried about Peggy sleeping with the puppies at night.  Normally she follows me up the stairs and lies at the bottom of my bed.  She’s been doing this since she was a puppy and I just hope that her maternal instincts are stronger than her love of my snuggly duvet!

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  1. Im sure she will be a good mummy and will know what to do. Lets hope she doesnt turn you grey over the next two weeks….enjoy the peace while you can!

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