2 days to go!

Well, Peggy’s puppies are due this Sunday and I’m hoping they won’t be too long!  We’ve had a couple of false alarms, particularly in the early hours of the morning with Peggy panting really heavily and moving around a lot.  Last night she was making a bed on the chair in my bedroom, scratching at the throw and going round in circles and I thought it was all happening, but then it all died down.  She’s hardly eaten anything today, but is much happier now that it’s a bit cooler and spends most of her time lying on the cool kitchen floor next to me when I’m working at the kitchen table.

Guess what, Honey is in season now too – so walking both dogs is a bit of a nightmare at the moment.  I think I’ve decided to let Honey have puppies this time round too and have spoken to Tracey at Quintavia Cockers to agree a time to go and visit her ‘Sid’!  I couldn’t decide whether to leave it until her next season or just get on with it.  I’ve pretty much decided to get on with it, but will wait and see how I get on with Peggy giving birth – it might put me off doing it again for a while!

2 responses

  1. Congratulations to you all…so pleased all went well and cant wait to see some pictures! What a clever girl you are Peggy. xx

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