Puppies’ Birth Day

Unbelievably Peggy gave birth to her 6 puppies bang on her due date, 2nd June.  I knew something was happening because the night before she’d been really restless and panting, so I’d stayed up most of that night in case she went into labour.  From about 11pm on the 1st she started making whimpering noises every so often and kept wanting to go out into the garden.

At 2.35am I was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, when I suddenly noticed a movement on the chair opposite, under Peggy’s tummy.  When I looked closer a little puppy was snuggled up right next to her!  I couldn’t believe it, she’d had her first puppy and I hadn’t even noticed!

I didn’t fancy Peggy having all her babies on the chair in the sitting room so I moved her off the chair and held the puppy.  She immediately wanted to go into the garden.  Stupidly I let her go out.  She went straight to the corner of a flower bed which she’d made her ‘special place’ over the past few weeks.  It was dark, wet, cold and 2.50am.  I didn’t have a torch and started to panic that she was going to have the other puppies outside.

I managed to coax her out of the garden and she went straight to her bed under the stairs.  I then started to panic that she’d had a puppy in the garden and went outside again with the light of my mobile phone, in my pyjamas trying to see if there was a puppy amongst the mud and rose bushes!  What a sight….. fortunately I couldn’t see anything.

An hour later Peg had her second baby and then two more followed really quickly.  I had to hold them each time she gave birth to a new puppy because they kept falling off her cushion onto the cold floor. They were really cold when they were first born so I wrapped them in a towel and snuggled them in my pyjamas.  After the fourth pup had been born I managed to coax Peg into the Whelping Box which I’d put in the kitchen and there they all sat snuggled up.

Peggy was fantastic, she cleaned the puppies up  and I didn’t see any of the after birth or membrane that surrunded each puppy.  I’d prepared myself for the worst with surgical gloves and lubricant but thankfully both stayed in their packaging!

At 5.34 am the fourth puppy was born and I thought that was it.  I started texting friends and posting on Facebook.  To my surprise at 8.30am Peg started moving around again and licking her bottom which is a sign that another puppy was due to be born and within half an hour we had 2 more!  3 girls and 3 boys.

I let them all settle down and when she was ready gave Peg a big cuddle.  She was fine with me being close to the puppies, athough the next day she got a bit anxious when anyone went too close.

We’re now a week down the line and all is well.  Peggy’s being a fab Mum and all puppies are getting bigger every day!


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