Week Old Puppies

Well the little pups are now one week old and I must say Peggy is being a brilliant Mum.  The first 3 nights were exhausting.  I didn’t sleep at all the first night and the next 2, I slept on the sofa so I could hear if there were any loud squeaks or squeals from the kitchen.  Inevitably I ended up popping into the kitchen every half hour or so to make sure all was OK!

Peggy has taken the whole thing in her stride.  She patiently feeds them whenever they ask for it, she cleans them and snuggles up with them.  She’s got to the point now where she likes to wander around the house for a bit or lie outside the box, but only for a few minutes, then she’s straight back to her maternal duties.

I’ll be registering the puppies with the Kennel Club this weekend and then they’ll go on their puppies for sale register.  It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to them, although at the moment it’s easy because they can’t walk and they stay in their box.  I’ve no doubt when they’e all running around weeing and pooing everywhere it will be a different matter entirely!

They now all have names and suitably Royal as they were born on the day of the Diamond Jubilee; Prince Albert (Bertie), King George (Georgie), William Wales (Wills) and the girls are Diamond Jubilee (Gem), Princess Lilibet (lily) and Duchess Kate (Katie).

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      • I would love to! Not sure of address but if you want to email me will pop in for a

        quick snuggle. Getting very puppy broody so best not tell my OH !! How is honey taking it all?

      • I’ll email you my address. Honey is being brilliant. She’s very gentle with them and Peggy is much happier about her giving them a little sniff and lying next to the whelping box. Honey will love it when they are big enough to run around the kitchen and play.

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