Feeding, pooing and very noisy!

OK, so the honeymoon has ended.  The puppies will be 4 weeks old this weekend and they are well and truly growing up!  I’ve moved them out of the whelping box because they kept trying to jump out of it and I was worried they would hurt themselves.  I tried turning it round so the lower part was against the wall, but they constantly cried to get out and Peggy didn’t seem to want to go in.  All 6 now have their own bed and blanket in the corner of the kitchen with a playpen around them so they have plenty of room to run around and play.

Peggy lost interest in feeding them after about 2 and half weeks.  She still gives them a couple of feeds a day but they need a lot more than that!  I started weaning them at the beginning of week 3 just onto forumla puppy milk as a top up and one small meal of mushed up puppy kibble.  Not all of them would eat the puppy kibble so yesterday I bought a load of Nature’s Harvest, Chicken and Brown Rice with Country Vegetables puppy food.

I have never seen anything like it! It’s like an abstract artist has come in and ‘created’ a materpiece all over my kitchen floor and all over the puppies!  They absolutely love it – they walk in it, sit in it, eat it and lie in it.  I spent the entire feed time removing them out of the bowls and asking them politely to stand with their feet on the floor and eat like a proper dog.  The noise level when they are hungry and demanding food is LOUD!  And then when they are happily chomping on their grub or slurping their milk you get a contented murmering from all 6.

So my day is spent trying to work at the kitchen table, feeding, cleaning and cuddling puppies, cleaning kitchen floor 4 times a day, walking dogs and cuddling puppies, making up formula milk and cuddling puppies!

We’ve sold 2 boys and 1 girl so just have 3 left.  They’ve all got their own personalities now and I’ll be very sad to say goodbye to them in a few weeks time.

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  1. oh my! That sounds like mayhem! ….must mean you could use an extra pair of hands for cuddling duty some time next week! I promise I will help clean up too! Will txt you. xx

    • Yes please! Just had to feed them, worm them, wash them and put them to bed. Then started on the war zone that has become my kitchen! Floor wee’d on and poo’d on little feet walking everywhere so a good disinfecting was called for, took me 2.5 hours to get it all done and now off to walk other two dogs. When I fit work in is another matter…..

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