At last a whole night’s sleep!

For the first time in 5 weeks, I had a whole night’s sleep last night!! Every night (apart from the first 2 weeks, when Peggy was being a fab mum) I’ve had to get up at 2am or 3am in the morning to feed the puppies, clean up their mess, give them a cuddle and put them back to bed.  I tried to ignore it two nights ago thinking they were just getting into a habit, but when the noise became deafening at 2.30am I decided to go downstairs and found two puppies had got out of their play pen and wedged themselves between the wall and the pen.  They couldn’t move and were very unhappy!  Of course, the minute they saw me, all of them wanted attention, crying for food and a bit of love.  An hour later…… I went back to bed and that’s how it’s been every night until last night!

Last night I decided to go to Pets at Home and buy some different puppy food.  They don’t really like the puppy kibble mushed up with formula milk.  They drink the milk til the cows come home, but when it’s mixed with kibble it’s a different matter…. so I found some puppy meat – Wainwrights – for 0 – 3 months and fed them that before going to bed, they loved it! They also don’t like it in the pen.  they’ve taken to sleeping on their mum’s dog bed under the stairs and roam around the hall.  So I left them there last night and didn’t put them in their pen.

I don’t know if it was the food or the lack of bars but it worked – a whole night’s sleep….  heaven!  Of course the poo was all over the hall in the morning and it took ages to clean it up, but I don’t care – given the choice, sleep wins hands down!

We only have one little boy left for sale now.  He’s so cute and very bright, he’s the only one that goes to the loo on the newspaper every time, so I’m sure he’ll find a lovely home soon.


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