Breed Information

The Cocker Spaniel is a relatively small, compact dog, with a height at the shoulders of approximately 39-41 cms (15 ½ -16 ins) for males & 38-39 cms (15-15 ½ ins) for females. Weight is approximately 13 – 14 kg’s for dogs and 11 – 12.5kg’s for bitches.

The Cocker is classed as a medium sized dog. The average life span of a well cared for and healthy Cocker is approximately 11 – 12 years although some may live to be 15 plus.

There are a wide variety of colours (the base colours are black, red and liver in solids and in parti-colours there are blue, orange and liver [chocolate]). In addition to the base colours, both the solid and parti-colours can have ‘tan points’.

The Cocker Spaniel is a gundog, and he will enjoy (given the opportunity!) many happy hours investigating interesting smells and looking for the opportunity to flush out wildlife from the surrounding countryside. Equally, a Cocker is at home on his owner’s lap or in front of the fire. Most Cockers (although not all) like water & relish the occasional swim. Cockers are adaptable dogs and can be easily trained to retrieve as well as flush.

Cocker Spaniels are a popular breed; however, this popularity can create problems. Unfortunately, far too many cockers are being bred simply for profit, so it is wise to seek out a responsible breeder with a genuine commitment to Cockers (rather than a commitment to making money), whether it is a show or working type.

For full details of the Breed Standard please go the UK Kennel Club web site

Source:  Powerscourt Cockers

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