Honey’s Stud

Well at long last my orange roan has come into season.  The last true season she has was over a year ago, we had a small show back in May 2012, but since then there’s been  nothing really.  A breeder had said that she might have a silent season which is when they don’t show any blood but are still in season.  Of course that makes it really difficult to know when they are ready to meet a dog as it normally happens between the 11th and 14th day, with day one counted as the first day you see blood.

But I can safely say this time it’s definitely happening.  She started on Sunday 20th April and so is due to meet her boyfriend on Wed 1st or Thurs 2nd May.  We have chosen Quintavia Cockers’ stud dog Sid as her boyfriend http://www.quintaviacockerspaniels.co.uk/our_dogs/star_stopper.htm

Quintavia’s website says:  Quintavia Star Stopper has a very sweet gentle nature. He is a handsome dog with a lovely masculine head, good strong neck, good legs and feet, short big ribbed body and excellent rear quarters. He has proven himself in the show ring with some lovely wins including several Best Puppy in Breed awards, Best Of Breed awards and Reserve Best in Show awards. Sid qualified for Crufts aged 7 months and was placed in his class at Crufts 2008, Sid was 2nd in his class at Crufts 2009.

Sid is PRA and F.N clear which means none of his puppies will develop either disease. Sid continues his winning ways and he had a great day at the Cocker Spaniel Club Championship show in July 2008 where he was placed 2nd in Limit dog behind the eventual CC winner and in August he was placed 1st in Limit dog at National Gundog. Sid now has his stud book number and is qualified for Crufts for life.

Sid is a confident, proven sire of quality Cocker Spaniels. Sid has sired Chocolate Roan, Orange Roan and Blue Roan Puppies of excellent type and temperament. Sid has a low hip score of 5:4

Fingers crossed all goes well this week – will let you know what happens!

Quintavia Show Stopper Reinots Renoir JW Avandora Ladykiller
Reinots Peggy Sue
Varabic Blue Dotrice IR Sh. Ch Salabah San Moritz
Bitcon Lisa Marie at Varabic
Quintavia Starry Eyed Terriles Toyoyama JW Sh Ch Terriles Taguchi
Tudorgold The Dew Fairy of Terriles
Quintavia Starring Lady Reinots Renoir JW
My Option

The Deed!

Yesterday Peggy met with her boyfriend, Stan, for the first time.  We left at 9am and drove 1.5 hours and arrived at about 10.30am.  Chris from Powerscourt Cockers, Stan’s owner, was lovely.  She came out to meet us and took Peggy and I into her study.  Stan was there in a cage sitting very quietly.  He is a lovely Blue Roan, very handsome with a lovely personality.

Chris let Peggy have a good roam around to get used to her surroundings, straight away Peg jumped up on the sofa and sat next to me.  Once Peg was settled, Chris let Stan out.  He came over for a cuddle and had a good sniff where Peggy had been wandering around.

Chris then took a look at Peggy’s bottom to see if she was ready.  Peggy didn’t like that at all and I felt a little upset as she cried whilst Chris was doing it.  Apparently Peg’s bits were soft but still a little hard in places…..! After that Peggy wouldn’t leave me alone, she just sat right next to me, refusing to stand up.  (Can’t say I blame her).  I offered to leave the room as, to be honest, I didn’t really want to see what was to come and thought it would upset me even more if Peggy wasn’t keen.

Chris’ husband came in to help and showed me to their sitting room.  I sat down, half expecting to hear howling and crying from the room next door, but literally within 5 minutes Chris’ husband came back and asked me to come in, saying it was all done and they were now tied.

I’d never witnessed dogs mating before and to walk into a room to see my dog literally ‘tied’ to another was really odd.  Peggy and Stan were attached bottom to bottom. Wherever Peg went poor Stan had to go too.  They were both absolutely fine, in fact Peg lay down and went to sleep with Stan still attached!

A little snooze after such a long day!

Some 35 minutes later Peg’s muscles relaxed and Stan was released and that was that!Chris suggested I go back 3 days later to repeat the whole thing just to make sure and advised me that there would only be an 80% chance of Peggy getting pregnant.

Chris then printed out a contract of mating, a copy of Stan’s pedigree and a form to register the litter with the Kennel Club. I also received a receipt for the £450 which is what the mating cost.

I’d like to thank Chris for making the whole process as comfortable as possible for both me and Peggy.  Chris did everything she could to make us feel at ease.

Peggy’s Stud

I’d like to introduce you to Stan.  This is Peggy’s boyfriend, or at least will be on the 31st March this year! Stan comes from Powerscourt Cocker Spaniels.

Chris from Powerscourt says:  Stan is a handsome, compact dark blue roan with a beautiful head & gentle expression, good bone, and a lovely soft temperament – another one of our gentle & loving boys.  Stan is a very experienced stud dog. He is gentle and considerate with his “brides” and is especially good with maiden or shy bitches. Stan’s puppies have all been healthy & of good quality, excellent type and with outgoing and gentle natures, sweet heads, good bone, short compact bodies with good front and rear angulation and full/long good quality coats.  Stan is father to over 150 “children”.

To find a stud dog for Peggy I initially went to the Kennel Club website during her last season to look for stud dogs in Gloucestershire.  Two names came up, Alison Matthews of Sonham Cockers in Newent and Jane Simmonds from Shenmore Cockers in the Forest of Dean.  I emailed both who were really helpful but at that time Peggy had not had any tests and I stupidly had forgotten to get her ownership transferred over so I’d decided to wait until her next season.

Both Alison and Jane at Shenmore suggested that I might be better looking for another solid Cocker to mate Peggy with but Alison said her beautiful Cocker, George would be an ideal stud for my Orange Roan, Honey.  So Honey was set up, but I still had to find a stud for Peggy!

The next move was to type ‘Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog’ into Google and up popped a website called http://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeds/cocker-spaniel/stud-dogs You can type in your postcode and the website will sort Stud dogs that live closest to you.  You can also search for Health Tested Cockers, Working Cockers etc.  George was up there and so were a number of other Cocker Studs that lived fairly close to me.  I was initially looking for a solid dog, but for some reason Powerscourt Cockers caught my eye so I looked at their website.

I just loved the fact that Chris from Powerscourt had photos of her dogs sitting at the kitchen table, lying across her neck, draped over her lap…. they were just like my two dogs!  Her video also shows her daughter being smothered in puppy love in their kitchen and I thought, that’s just what my house will be like and I can’t wait!

I emailed Chris and spoke to her on the phone to find out if she was happy for me to use Stan.  We had to check the pedigree to make sure that Peggy wasn’t related in any way and that was that.  Peggy is due to meet Stan this Saturday (31st March!).  I am nervous and really hope that Peggy won’t find it too awful.  I really don’t know what to expect.  Having spoken to Chris, all her years of experience has helped to put my mind at rest, but I can’t help it, I’m still a little worried.

Fingers crossed for Saturday!

Next blog:  The Deed and how it went!