All Puppies Sold

I’m very happy to say that my last little boy has found a lovely home and will be leaving me on 6th August.  His new Mum and Dad came to visit him on Sunday and I knew straight away that they would be perfect parents for little William Wales.

Although I’ve been very lucky and have found some fantastic homes for all my puppies, I’m also feeling pretty sad that in a few weeks, they’ll all have left to start their new lives, although most have promised to keep me up to date on their progress and send me the odd photo which will be lovely.

I have to say, there’s one dog in this house who will be glad to say goodbye to the puppies!  Poor Honey has been knocked off her perch a little and has retreated to my bedroom where she’s safe from having her ears pulled and her tail played with!

At last a whole night’s sleep!

For the first time in 5 weeks, I had a whole night’s sleep last night!! Every night (apart from the first 2 weeks, when Peggy was being a fab mum) I’ve had to get up at 2am or 3am in the morning to feed the puppies, clean up their mess, give them a cuddle and put them back to bed.  I tried to ignore it two nights ago thinking they were just getting into a habit, but when the noise became deafening at 2.30am I decided to go downstairs and found two puppies had got out of their play pen and wedged themselves between the wall and the pen.  They couldn’t move and were very unhappy!  Of course, the minute they saw me, all of them wanted attention, crying for food and a bit of love.  An hour later…… I went back to bed and that’s how it’s been every night until last night!

Last night I decided to go to Pets at Home and buy some different puppy food.  They don’t really like the puppy kibble mushed up with formula milk.  They drink the milk til the cows come home, but when it’s mixed with kibble it’s a different matter…. so I found some puppy meat – Wainwrights – for 0 – 3 months and fed them that before going to bed, they loved it! They also don’t like it in the pen.  they’ve taken to sleeping on their mum’s dog bed under the stairs and roam around the hall.  So I left them there last night and didn’t put them in their pen.

I don’t know if it was the food or the lack of bars but it worked – a whole night’s sleep….  heaven!  Of course the poo was all over the hall in the morning and it took ages to clean it up, but I don’t care – given the choice, sleep wins hands down!

We only have one little boy left for sale now.  He’s so cute and very bright, he’s the only one that goes to the loo on the newspaper every time, so I’m sure he’ll find a lovely home soon.


Puppies’ Birth Day

Unbelievably Peggy gave birth to her 6 puppies bang on her due date, 2nd June.  I knew something was happening because the night before she’d been really restless and panting, so I’d stayed up most of that night in case she went into labour.  From about 11pm on the 1st she started making whimpering noises every so often and kept wanting to go out into the garden.

At 2.35am I was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, when I suddenly noticed a movement on the chair opposite, under Peggy’s tummy.  When I looked closer a little puppy was snuggled up right next to her!  I couldn’t believe it, she’d had her first puppy and I hadn’t even noticed!

I didn’t fancy Peggy having all her babies on the chair in the sitting room so I moved her off the chair and held the puppy.  She immediately wanted to go into the garden.  Stupidly I let her go out.  She went straight to the corner of a flower bed which she’d made her ‘special place’ over the past few weeks.  It was dark, wet, cold and 2.50am.  I didn’t have a torch and started to panic that she was going to have the other puppies outside.

I managed to coax her out of the garden and she went straight to her bed under the stairs.  I then started to panic that she’d had a puppy in the garden and went outside again with the light of my mobile phone, in my pyjamas trying to see if there was a puppy amongst the mud and rose bushes!  What a sight….. fortunately I couldn’t see anything.

An hour later Peg had her second baby and then two more followed really quickly.  I had to hold them each time she gave birth to a new puppy because they kept falling off her cushion onto the cold floor. They were really cold when they were first born so I wrapped them in a towel and snuggled them in my pyjamas.  After the fourth pup had been born I managed to coax Peg into the Whelping Box which I’d put in the kitchen and there they all sat snuggled up.

Peggy was fantastic, she cleaned the puppies up  and I didn’t see any of the after birth or membrane that surrunded each puppy.  I’d prepared myself for the worst with surgical gloves and lubricant but thankfully both stayed in their packaging!

At 5.34 am the fourth puppy was born and I thought that was it.  I started texting friends and posting on Facebook.  To my surprise at 8.30am Peg started moving around again and licking her bottom which is a sign that another puppy was due to be born and within half an hour we had 2 more!  3 girls and 3 boys.

I let them all settle down and when she was ready gave Peg a big cuddle.  She was fine with me being close to the puppies, athough the next day she got a bit anxious when anyone went too close.

We’re now a week down the line and all is well.  Peggy’s being a fab Mum and all puppies are getting bigger every day!


Peggylicious Puppies – Real Diamonds this Jubilee!

My lovely Peggy had 6 little diamonds of her own in the early hours of this morning.  No 1 arrived at 2.35am and the last at 10.45am.  Peg was just fantastic and took it all in her stride.

My little cocker spaniel family is now happily ensconced in their whelping box in the kitchen.  All 6 squeaky little pups are feeding well and Peggy has been lying with them all day!

We’ve got 3 little girls and 3 little boys.  Now all we need is to name them!  Royal names of course to mark the occasion of the day they were born.

2 days to go!

Well, Peggy’s puppies are due this Sunday and I’m hoping they won’t be too long!  We’ve had a couple of false alarms, particularly in the early hours of the morning with Peggy panting really heavily and moving around a lot.  Last night she was making a bed on the chair in my bedroom, scratching at the throw and going round in circles and I thought it was all happening, but then it all died down.  She’s hardly eaten anything today, but is much happier now that it’s a bit cooler and spends most of her time lying on the cool kitchen floor next to me when I’m working at the kitchen table.

Guess what, Honey is in season now too – so walking both dogs is a bit of a nightmare at the moment.  I think I’ve decided to let Honey have puppies this time round too and have spoken to Tracey at Quintavia Cockers to agree a time to go and visit her ‘Sid’!  I couldn’t decide whether to leave it until her next season or just get on with it.  I’ve pretty much decided to get on with it, but will wait and see how I get on with Peggy giving birth – it might put me off doing it again for a while!