Honey’s Scan

So we went to the Vet’s today to have a scan to confirm that Honey is pregnant.  I was pretty sure, because she has ballooned over the past couple of days and she just looks pregnant.  She’s just had a hair cut ready for giving birth but she still needed to be shaved slightly so the ultra sound probe could make good contact.  A quick skirt of jelly and there they were on the screen… clear as day!  We could see 3 puppies very clearly and there were more but the Vet won’t say an exact number, which is fair enough.  The important thing is they look healthy and are a good size!  So is Honey!  Poor Honey,  walking round the field has become a rather time consuming pastime…..

Peggy is next – 2 more weeks and we’ll take Peggy to be scanned too – watch out for more news!

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