Peggy’s had puppies

peggy4Well, in true Peggy style, she had her puppies  a day early and without as much as a whimper!

I’d been up all night with her on the 16th July as she had been panting a lot and making nests in the furniture, on the rug and in her bed…. and she was obviously a little bit more uncomfortable than normal.  I thought this is it.. tonight’s the night!  By 6am all had gone quiet and she seemed much more relaxed.  In fact she seemed quite happy, lying on the hall floor to keep cool and very laid back.

At 1.30pm I decided to pop to the shop next door to get a few bits and pieces leaving my daughter at home with the dogs.  I was just picking up my purse when my daughter shouted…. “Mum, Peggy’s having a puppy!”  I rushed into the sitting room and there she was, on her favourite chair giving birth to her first baby!  He was feet first so I helped to pull him out as he was quite big.  Peggy took it all in her stride, from then on I didn’t have to do a thing.  I let her stay on the chair it’s obviously a special place for her – it was the same chair she gave birth to her first baby on last year!

3 more puppies followed about half an hour after each other.  Peggy cleaned them all up, broke their sacs, dealt with the after birth… everything.  All I had to do was give them a rub with a towel to dry them off and keep them warm whilst she was giving birth to another one.

By about 3.30pm we had 4 babies.  a black boy, a black girl and a two gold girls.  I thought that was it, but was sure I could feel another puppy.  After two hours had gone past I was getting a bit worried and thought about calling the Vet as I was sure I could feel another puppy.

I decided to give her a small bowl of vanilla ice cream as I’d read that helps to inject some calcium and get the contractions going.  Sure enough after another 20 minutes Peggy started straining again and out popped another black boy and 10 minutes later the last black boy appeared.

What a clever girl!  After cleaning everything up and putting new bedding in the whelping box they all settled down for a well deserved rest!



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