Peggy’s Last Litter

peg-100It took a lot of thought to decide whether or not to let Peggy have one last litter.  I didn’t want to put her through it all again, but being totally selfish, I’m desperate to have a black girl from her.  She is without doubt the best dog I have ever had and although I kept a golden bitch from her last litter, the thought that I would not have another black girl, a little Peggy mini me, made me decide to go ahead.

I took her to the Vet for a good check over before making my final decision.  She was in excellent condition and had sailed through her previous pregnancies so I felt it should be OK.  I also spoke to the breeder I use for the stud dogs and she reassured me that as long as Peggy was in good health, all should be fine.

Willy WonkaSo here we are again!  Peggy is pregnant!  I used Quintavia Cockers’ Totenkopf Willy Wonka ‘Hugo’ who was such a gentle, friendly boy, I instantly fell in love with him.


To see Hugo’s pedigree please click here  On the Quintavia Cockers’ website it says:

Totenkopf Willy Wonka is now confidently at stud. Hugo has the sweetest, kindest gentle nature and he loves everyone he meets. He is very well made dog with a classic head with good eye and nose colour, which is important in this colour. He has a short deep body, big ribs and good bone, legs and feet.

Hugo is Normal for PRA and FN by parentage so none of his puppies will be affected by either condition.

Hugo has been successfully shown at all levels and has acquitted himself in the show ring well winning many 1st Places. Hugo has been Best Opposite sex in Show at 2 breed shows and he has qualified for Crufts 2012.

Peggy’s pedigree is shown below.  Please click on the image to enlarge.

Pedigree for Cublington Lady Lillian-page-001

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